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Equalizer was derived from the initial concept of Andre Cronje. The mechanism that was used to create a perpetual decentralized exchange was unique and ingenious. The launch of this platform is to take the concept and apply it to a more natural style DEX. Equalizer will become the trading mechanism for the Fantom network, utilizing the Solidly perpetual model with some tweaks to fee structures and emissions.

Why Equalizer

The perpetual model is the first of its kind that can sustain an emission token price. The problem that is tackled here, is to create an equalized effect across the rewards for token holders and the incentive for LP providers. Our model supports this as it rewards liquidity with a valuable token, that devices an income similar to the Curve model. The fee structure ensures that the utility and reward for holding and locking the token is high enough to support the required liquidity to succeed in low slippage trades.

Let Us Enlighten You

Charging a low fee (E.g. 0.01%) is a flawed concept, unless the volume warrants the incentive required to hold enough TVL, especially for volatile pairs. This in turn, creates a spiral in the native token price destroying the platforms’ ability to maintain liquidity. Now, who really cares about a fee of 0.01% if the slippage in the trade is 2% or 3%. Hopefully now you are starting to see the necessity of maintaining a fee that supports low slippage trades. This in turn provides a better result and experience for the trader.

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