What is Equity?

Our cutting-edge platform brings together minimal swap fees, offering you a seamless and cost-effective trading experience.

Supported by our groundbreaking multi-asset pool, we share the success of Equity with our governors:

The veEQUAL holders.


Equity rewards our veEQUAL NFT holders with the fees stemming from 3 Sources:

  • Market-making (Liquidity Provisioning)
  • Spot Trading (Simple Exchange)
  • Flash Loans (Instant repayments)

Experience fluidity like never before with our dynamic pricing mechanism. This advanced feature, backed by sophisticated in-house algorithms and an amalgamation of rates from leading high-volume exchanges, ensures accurate real-time price information which drives extremely Capital-Efficient liquidity utilization.

Benefits That Go Beyond Expectations

For Our Valued Token Holders

Unleash the power of your veEQUAL NFTs!

With our innovative system, you stand to reap higher fees, further enhancing your earning potential on top of the Equalizer V2 Fees & Bribes. As we evolve, so do the benefits for our esteemed token holders. Embrace the EQUITY revolution and let your voting NFTs pay you cash each and every week!

For Our Dedicated Liquidity Providers

In providing liquidity, you will in turn receive a dynamic mix of veEQUAL and EQUAL. EQUITY LP tokens can be staked into our Equalizer V2 Gauges similar to how you would stake a LP token on Equalizer V2.

The Rewards APR for EQUITY stakers is way higher than a simple payout of Fees APR as it taps into Equalizer’s Core Flywheel to enhance the emissions by using the Fees generated for Bribing the Protocol’s governance!

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