Launch Details

What To Expect

We are launching our exchange with numerous goals in mind:

  • Security
  • Fair Distribution
  • Community
  • Sustainable Structures
  • TVL
  • Low Slippage Trades
  • Fair Fee Structure
  • Token Holder Income

The above points are a major focus of our launch and will ensure our success as the number 1 place to trade crypto assets, farm and earn an income on the Fantom network.


We feel that considering the system we are building the fairest and best possible way to distribute initial tokens is through LP incentives and an airdrop to various holders of Solidly and Solidly influenced tokens. The team involved in the project have been large supporters of the initial Solidly launch and feel that rewarding these token holders is a fair and simple way of creating a decentralized entrance to the market.

Our tokens will follow the veNFT model and be locked for the maximum time frame of 26 weeks. These initial holders of our veEQUAL will receive fees and voting rights incentivizing them to continually lock each week when voting.

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